TrustBase Process

TrustBase Process

The TrustBase process is designed to assess a company based on a number of key criteria:

  1. Company compliance
  2. Key Policies
    1. Data Handling and Privacy Policy
    2. Employee Conduct Policy
    3. Health and Safety Policies
  3. Performance Data
    1. Environmental Performance
    2. Customer Feedback
    3. Key Performance Indicators - Industry
    4. Key Performance Indicators - Geographical Industry
    5. Ethical Conduct
    6. Financial Performance
  4. Key Employee Biographies
  5. Company History
  6. Merges and Acquisitions
  7. Product Pipeline
  8. Industry


While not necessary for every company, the data from the above classifications gives vital information about a company, allowing the risk and performance to be determined, and informed business decesions made.

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