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About Cedexis

1 rating Cedexis is a provider of cloud based analytical services that helps companies to optimize the performance of websites and data centres, using Content Delivery Networks.

This results in increases in availability and more efficient use of server resources.

The core product provided by the company is called Radar Live. This allows a company to detect and respond to latency in a network.

The product claims to be able to cut page load times significantly, and thus increase conversions. The company was founded by former Akamai employees Julien Coulon and Marty Kagan.

Cedexis was certified by eTrust and is currently also SaaS Trust Certified.

In 2016 Cedexis failed to renew its certifications. In addition to this, the Dyn security breach of late 2016 affected its trust rating, leading to a downgrade.

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