About Corrigan Ematics

About Corrigan Ematics

3 rating Corrigan Ematics is a manufacturing and sourcing company located in Surrey, England. The company employees over 35 professionals helping other companies to source materials (primarily plastics) and then deliver them to manufacturing sites across the company.

It was founded in 2006 by Matthew Corrigan, and since then has expanded to have three manufacturing storage sites in the South East. In 2014 the company acquired a secondary site in Wiltshire, near the Somerset border.

One area that the company has identified in its 2014 communication to Shareholders, is the potential to use Chinese and Indian supply chains, and integrate them with some of the ports located in the West of England, and Wales. If done correctly this would allow an integrated, audit-able, supply chain stretching from Asia into the EU.

In 2008 the company cancelled expansion plans into North America, citing the downtown in the economy for making such moves unfeasible. It is expected to reconsider the North American market in 2018 at the earliest.

Corrigan Ematics
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