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About Digital Turbine

3 rating Digital Turbine is a US based company. It specialises in the development and delivery of mobile advertising via a proprietary platform to mobile devices.

Digital Turbine innovates at the convergence of media and mobile communications, delivering end-to-end products and solutions for mobile operators, application advertisers, device OEMs, and other third parties to enable them to effectively monetize mobile content and generate higher value user acquisition. The
Company operates its business in two reportable segments - Advertising and Content.
The Company's Advertising business is comprised of products including:
• DT Ignite™, a mobile device management solution with targeted application distribution
• DT IQ - a customized user experience and application discovery tool,
• DT Media - an advertiser solution for unique and exclusive carrier and OEM inventory,
• Appia Core - a leading worldwide mobile user acquisition network.

The Company's Content business is comprised of products including:
• DT Marketplace - an application and content store,
• DT Pay - a content management and mobile payment solution.

Digital Turbine's global headquarters are located in Austin, Texas, with other United States offices in Durham, North Carolina and
San Francisco, California. International offices include Berlin, Singapore, Sydney, and Tel Aviv.

The service allows publishes to create their own delivery network, and on the Android platform, to serve and monitor installs.

Its software is shipped as standard by a number of handset manufacturers, including HTC and Samsung in some regions.

It is listed on the NASDAQ under the symbol APPS, and was formerly called Mandalay Digital Group. In recent years the company has expanded via the acquisition of a company of companies, most notable of which was Appia.

The company also provides a marketplace for Android apps, and a service known as IQ, which allows users to find related apps based on the apps they have already installed on their device.

Questions have been raised regarding the ethical conduct of the company, as it allows for the remote installation of apps onto mobile devices, in some cases without the users permission.

Digital Turbine
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